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When you drive a great, highly-capable sports car, you also need a highly-capable servicing team. Every Lotus model is designed to give drivers the best possible automotive performance. These cars are famously fun to drive and feature impressive on-road capabilities. Even the best vehicles require regular service and maintenance, however. When the time comes for a tune up, take your car to the team that knows Lotus best. For great Lotus servicing in New Jersey, schedule an appointment with our dealership.

Lotus North Jersey is the area’s leading destination for Lotus owners. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help drivers throughout the ownership process. That means helping you long after your purchase. As Lotus brand experts, we always want to help drivers get the best possible performance from their cars. Learn more about how Lotus North Jersey can help with your service and maintenance needs.

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Top Destination for Lotus Servicing in New Jersey

Because Lotus cars are unique, expert servicing is not always easy to find. Fortunately, at Lotus North Jersey, our service technicians all receive factory training and certification. That means they are equipped to handle any job on your Lotus. We have access to the latest specifications directly from the automaker, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

Of course, Lotus cars are not the most common vehicles on the road. You drive one because these cars are special. Therefore, we give your car the personalized attention it deserves. We treat each vehicle we service like one of our own. When you take your Lotus to us, our reliable service technicians will quickly have your car back in great condition.

The Importance of Servicing Your Lotus Sports Car

As the owner of a world-class sports car like a Lotus, you know the importance of vehicle maintenance. You want to keep your car looking and driving like new for years to come. That requires regular upkeep. Staying on top of servicing prevents wear and tear. Especially for a performance brand like Lotus, routine servicing goes a long way.

Routine servicing has numerous benefits for your car. First, it helps protect your Lotus’ value. Purchasing a Lotus is no small investment. Seek regular maintenance to make sure you get a good price for it on the resale market. Additionally, servicing your car as recommended helps prevent breakdowns. A Lotus is decidedly less impressive when it’s pulled over on the side of the road.

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Common Repairs for Lotus Cars

Any car expert will advise that you should follow a regular servicing schedule for your Lotus car. Don’t wait until the check engine light comes on. Instead, come in for routine inspections. Our service pros know how to assess the health of your car. Identifying potential issues now, before they become serious, can save you time and money later.

At our service center, we handle all the most common maintenance and repair jobs. These include oil changes, engine checks, and brake inspections. Furthermore, we can handle repairs for your Lotus’ transmission, shocks, cooling system, and more. In addition, we can work on internal components like the air filter, air conditioning, and electrical system. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our great team has seen it all and knows how to handle any job.

Certified Lotus Technicians

Speaking of our licensed Lotus technicians, you will not find a better, more knowledgeable group in New Jersey. Our team has decades of experience working on some of the world’s most exclusive cars. We hire the best, most capable service technicians who can meet Lotus standards.

Our dealership has direct access to the latest resources from the Lotus factory. Come to us for a team that knows these cars inside and out. Thanks to our familiarity with Lotus, we can perform repairs to exact specifications from the automaker. We give each car individual attention because, for Lotus cars, average maintenance is never enough. These great vehicles always deserve special attention.

Lotus servicing in New Jersey

OEM Lotus Parts

Along with our fantastic service, we also have a large inventory of available OEM Lotus Parts. We have access to parts for a large variety of Lotus models. You can find all the genuine parts you need for your Lotus online. Simply visit our part center’s webpage.

Genuine OEM Lotus parts and accessories are made specifically for their respective Lotus models. You can always trust their quality. They are made specifically for Lotus and designed to last longer and perform reliably. As with any performance sports car, generic parts fail to meet the high standards Lotus has for its cars.

Customer Service Comes First

Providing excellent service means delivering consistent results. However, going above and beyond means serving not only cars but serving our customers as well. At our dealership, our friendly staff will always give you the personalized customer service and attention you deserve. We will remain communicative throughout the maintenance process and have your car back quickly.

As a family-owned and operated dealership, we know how to treat people right. At Lotus North Jersey, you can expect to receive individual attention. That is what keeps our loyal clients returning to Lotus North Jersey for all their servicing and maintenance needs.

Lotus Servicing New Jersey

Service and Maintenance for All Lotus Models

Whether you drive a new Lotus model or an older classic, we can help. No matter the model you drive, we can provide the best Lotus servicing in New Jersey. Even if you did not buy your Lotus from us, we can still provide you with outstanding servicing, maintenance, and repairs.

Servicing Lotus cars requires special knowledge. Instead of taking it to any regular repair shop, you will want brand specialists. In northern New Jersey, that means taking it to our service technicians. If you want the best for your Lotus, schedule an appointment today.

Schedule Your Lotus Servicing Appointment

We make it easy and convenient to schedule servicing and maintenance for you Lotus. Just go online and fill out a quick form. After you have entered your vehicle’s information, our service department will reach out shortly after to confirm a date and time. At Lotus North Jersey, we promise fast, quality results every time.

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About Lotus North Jersey

Come to Lotus North Jersey for more information about these fantastic sports cars. In addition to having the top Lotus servicing in New Jersey, we are also the best place to find a new Lotus. We have a great available inventory and can help owners long after their purchase with our servicing. Find a great Lotus car and keep it running smoothly for years to come with Lotus North Jersey. Contact us today and learn more about everything our dealership has to offer.

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