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Lotus Service & Maintenence Every Lotus vehicle is engineered for maximum performance. That is why only genuine Lotus parts will do for your car. Luckily, we have you covered. At Lotus North Jersey, we have a wide selection of parts and servicing options. When you choose us, you will receive top quality customer service. We promise your satisfaction... Read More

Lotus Evora GT

Performance At Your Fingertips The Lotus Evora GT can conquer any road it faces. From winding country roads to the racetrack, you will feel this car’s power and elegance every time. With the Evora GT, Lotus proves once again why its name is synonymous with top performance. Blending British craftsmanship with the latest technology, Lotus presents... Read More

Lotus Evora 400

Unmistakable Presence Lotus sports cars aim to give drivers one thing above all else. The most pleasurable experience they can find behind the wheel of the vehicle. In the Evora 400, drivers will enjoy everything that makes driving great. From the simple joys to exhilarating thrills, this Lotus has it all. Lightweight and nimble, the new Evora 400... Read More

Lotus Evija

BRITISH ALL-ELECTRIC HYPERCAR Unmatched. Uncompromising. Unlike anything else on the road today. There is perhaps no other way to describe the Lotus Evija. This car is instantly recognizable. When onlookers see this car drive past, their jaws will drop. Yours will too when you get behind the wheel and experience the full power of the Evija. Behind... Read More