Lotus Evija

Lotus Evija


Unmatched. Uncompromising. Unlike anything else on the road today. There is perhaps no other way to describe the Lotus Evija. This car is instantly recognizable. When onlookers see this car drive past, their jaws will drop. Yours will too when you get behind the wheel and experience the full power of the Evija. Behind the futuristic exterior, a game-changing electric-powered vehicle will thrill drivers and passengers alike. And, of course, it accomplishes this while maintaining the rich racing legacy you expect of Lotus. See what makes this one of the year’s most exciting vehicles, available at Lotus North Jersey.

Every inch of the Evija’s design pushes the limits of possibility. The body utilizes the latest technology to maximize aerodynamics. As a result, the Evija can compete with even the most decorated sports car. Plus, it looks the part too. From the doors to the taillights, the Evija blazes trails and shapes the future of automotive design. No other vehicle on the market can compare because no other vehicle looks quite like the Evija.

Dynamically Accomplished

Lotus’ first hypercar, the Evija continues the maker’s rich tradition of revolutionizing sports cars. This time, Lotus breaks new ground in what a battery electric vehicle can accomplish. Weighing just 1,680 kg, it is believed to be the lightest EV hypercar in production. Top speed for the Evija can reach up to 200 mph. Plus, it has a target range of 215 mph. All this is accomplished while producing no CO2 emissions.

Above all else, the Lotus Evija was created for the pleasure of the driver. That is evident in the performance. The Evija is a force, both on the open road and the track. But what makes it a special vehicle is so much more than that. Take for example the interior, which is every bit as unique and iconic as the exterior. It has everything you need to get the most out of your drive, yet simple enough to not distract from the experience itself. A comfortable, low-to-the-ground cabin will impress even the most seasoned drivers.

Unparalleled Experience

You haven’t seen everything until you have seen the new Lotus Evija. When you get behind the wheel, it will treat you to a first-of-its-kind driving experience. You should expect nothing less from a Lotus vehicle. For a striking exterior designed for automotive excellence and the engineering to thrill, look no further. The Evija unquestionably stands in a select class of the best electric vehicles in the world. Don’t just take our word for it, we want you to see for yourself. Contact Lotus North Jersey to set up your test drive. Experience the stunning Lotus Evora today.

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