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Marking the end of an era and the start of a new one. The year 2021 will be one of changes for Lotus. As the brand heads in a new direction, the future looks bright already. Last year, the electric-powered Lotus Evija took to the streets and received high praise. A highly capable sports car with a jaw-dropping 2,000 horsepower, the Evija is a glimpse at what is to come next. However, first Lotus will be releasing one final combustion engine sports car, the Lotus Emira.

Original labeled at Type 131, Lotus recently announced the name of its new model as the Emira. This sports car promises to blend the latest driving technology with the classic thrill of driving. The culmination of years of hard work, the Emira will bridge eras for the Lotus brand. It will deliver something new while staying true to the automaker’s rich heritage. Continue reading for more information about the Lotus Emira.

More Information About Lotus Cars

Few automakers can match the accomplishments of Lotus. For as long as Lotus has existed, they have produced high-quality performance cars. Their vehicles have earned acclaim for their excellence on the racetrack and on streets across the globe. Today, Lotus is in an elite class of automakers. Their vehicles can hold their own against the best in the world. Their current models offer performance and excitement few other automakers can match. Lightweight, fast, and responsive, drivers praise Lotus for creating that remain true to the pure pleasure of driving.

What do we Know?

The most significant piece of information known about the Emira at this time is its powertrain. Though some speculated it would include a hybrid engine, Lotus has confirmed otherwise. The Emira will have a traditional internal combustion engine. Drivers will have the option of fitting the Emira with a four-cylinder or V6 engine. Reports have not announced the maker of the four-cylinder engine, but Lotus has confirmed it will come from a new partnership.

Lotus has also hinted that the Emira will fit a different market than its outgoing models. Most notably, the Emira is said to be slightly larger, offering more cabin room. This will benefit the car’s practicality. Drivers will be able to drive it with more regularity. With multiple engine options and a variety of models, the Emira can be more practical or race-focused, depending on preference. Lotus has not yet announced the car’s full specifications. Currently, the Emira is expected to begin at just over $60,000. More information about the Lotus Emira is expected soon.

Place in the Lineup

When the Emira hits the market, it will be the first time in a dozen years Lotus has released an all-new model line. This year will also mark the end for the Elise, Exige, and Evora. Moving forward, the Emira will carry the torch for Lotus. Billed as a versatile sports car, the Emira will build off the best features of models like the Evora. Meanwhile, the Emira will mark a big step in Lotus’ plans to elevate its quality of car even further.

As the Emira takes over, Lotus plans to use it as a first glimpse at the future. With success, it could set a direction for the automaker for decades to come. Already, Lotus has indicated it will use elements of the Evija to make it a technically advanced sports car. A key element of the Emira is that it was designed with drivers in mind. Using feedback from drivers, Lotus is making the Emira a car that foreshadows future advances.

Significance of the Emira

A few weeks ago, Lotus confirmed that the Emira would be their final production model with an internal combustion engine. This is in line with a trend among top automakers. As such, the Emira will hold a special place in the history of Lotus. For decades, their vehicles have stood out as some of the best on the road. Now Lotus will join the ranks of the most innovative automotive brands. That said, the Emira will first stake its claim as one of Lotus’ finest models ever.

Once again, the Emira is the end of one era and the start of a new, exciting one. It’s driving capability will match that of the current models. The Emira will deliver the same unique feel of driving a Lotus. It will also showcase some of the features drivers can expect over the next year. Blending elements from the Evija with a combustion engine will give drivers a glimpse at the next generation of sports cars.

Upcoming Announcements

Throughout the spring and summer, more details will emerge about the Emira. At that time, it will become clearer where the Emira ranks among top sports cars. The plan is for the official unveiling to take place on July 6 at Hethel, Norfolk in England. Lotus will give fans a first look at the car’s design and insight on its engineering. Then, the dynamic debut will take place a few days later at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This will give a first glimpse at the Emira’s driving vehicle. Until then, stay tuned for more information about the Lotus Emira.

Future of Lotus

With the Emira marking their final internal combustion engine vehicle, Lotus is well positioned for the future. They have already shown with the Evija they can create an electric vehicle with incredible power. As technology continues to improve, expect even more improvements to Lotus electric vehicles. The Evija can outperform other super cars thanks to electric power which internal combustion engines cannot match. However, for the traditionalists, the Emira offers a fitting send-off to these Lotus models.

Lotus North Jersey

For more information about Lotus’ lineup of sports cars, visit Lotus North Jersey. We are an officially licensed dealership with a highly knowledgeable staff. Our team is well-versed in the Lotus brand and stays up to date with the latest developments. Make sure to check back for the latest announcements new information about the Lotus Emira. Until then, browse our current inventory and learn more about Lotus. Contact us with any questions today.

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