Find a new Lotus Evora GT in New Jersey

Lotus Evora GT

A car born from decades of refinement. The Lotus Evora GT brings track-inspired performance to the streets. Made for those who crave the pure thrill of driving excellence. If you want a sports car engineered for the most passionate enthusiasts, choose the Evora GT. With this car, pure driving bliss is never far away. To find a new Lotus Evora GT in New Jersey, visit our Lotus North Jersey.

These exclusive British sports cars can be challenging to come across. Lotus North Jersey is your trusted source for finding the new Evora GT. Our friendly team can help you learn more, create a financing plan, and hand you the keys. We are northern New Jersey’s leading Lotus experts. Like you, we love nothing more than vehicles that deliver peak performance time and time again. Come to Lotus North Jersey for more information about the Evora GT and to develop a personalized payment plan.


Lotus: A Proud Racing Heritage

Lotus is a global leader in developing high-performance sports cars. A decorated automaker, Lotus is known for its legacy of success on the racetrack. That same engineering and innovation go into every Lotus vehicle. Some of the world’s most dedicated drivers trust Lotus for their unflinching commitment to building outstanding vehicles. The manufacturer’s success on the track made it famous, its success on the streets has made it iconic.

As a brand, Lotus stands for a commitment to providing drivers with the best possible experience. Unique and distinctive, nothing drives quite like a Lotus. Complete focus on creating the perfect drive separates Lotus from so many other manufacturers. These cars give back to their drivers, allowing for an experience only possible in a Lotus.


The Latest Evora is the Best Yet

For over a decade now, the Lotus Evora model line has continued to evolve. Since first hitting markets in 2010, Lotus has continued to give the Evora special attention. In the 2020 model year, Lotus introduced the Evora GT exclusively for the North American market. Currently, it is the only new Lotus model available for sale in the United States.
True to form, the Evora GT takes refined performance and puts it into a street-legal package. Looking at the new Evora, the inspiration is evident. Designed with groundbreaking aerodynamics, it seamlessly fits into the distinct Lotus identity. Drive the Evora GT for an experience not possible in just any sports car. This Lotus is truly one of a kind.


Satisfy Your Passion for Driving

Above all else, the Evora GT was created to instill in its driver a particular feeling. One of complete connection with the road. Absent are the frivolous bells and whistles of some other cars. When in the driver’s seat, nothing distracts from the task at hand. Lotus let the performance of the Evora GT speak for itself. Without fail, the Evora GT can make driving fun, no matter if it is on the track, open road, or even the daily commute.

Open the door to the Evora GT and you will notice a simple interior. A throwback of sorts, Lotus keeps everything the driver needs and nothing more. Fire up the ignition and you will quickly understand why. This car will engulf drivers in the experience. The Lotus Evora GT is anything but basic. Even among some of the finest vehicles in the world, it holds its own and carves out a distinct identity.

New Lotus Evora GT For Sale at Lotus North Jersey


A Transcendent Driving Experience

The Lotus Evora GT is a vehicle made specifically for the world’s most passionate drivers. With every step, engineers and designers considered the preferences of driving enthusiasts. It promises to deliver a special driving experience that so few other vehicles can offer. If you have tried other sports cars but can’t find the satisfaction you crave, try the Evora GT. You will quickly understand what makes it special.

Although the Evora GT was made for elite performance, engineers kept practicality in mind. No matter how hard you want to push this Lotus, the car can meet the occasion. Nimble enough to handle crowded roads and powerful enough to tackle the highway. The versatility found in the Evora GT is another bonus to an already fantastic sportscar.


Lotus Engineering at its Finest

Most prominent in the Evora GT is its 3.5 L V6 engine. To deliver an extra kick, Lotus included a supercharger to the benefit of the car’s speed and acceleration. At maximum, the Evora GT can churn out 416 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. With the necessary strength, the Evora GT translates Lotus’ racing heritage to drivers everywhere.

When pushing the Evora GT to the limit, you will experience a vehicle that achieves elite levels of performance. When at top speed, the Evora GT can reach 188 miles per hour. Quickness is another strength, accelerating from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. Providing needed muscle is 141 pounds of aerodynamic downforce.


North Jersey’s Lotus Authority

If you are looking for a new Lotus Evora GT in New Jersey, we can help. Lotus North Jersey is the best place for all your needs. Here, you can find helpful and knowledgeable professionals to assist you. From inquiry to financing, we can provide all the information to help get you into an Evora GT. You can explore our outstanding inventory of the Evora GT and find your perfect fit.

Our fantastic sales team can answer any questions you may have. Nobody in North Jersey knows Lotus cars better than us. Not only are we passionate about the cars we sell, but we also know them inside and out. As a licensed dealer, there is no better place to get an Evora GT in New Jersey. We always strive to make sure the quality of our customer service matches the quality of our Lotus cars.

New Lotus Evora GT For Sale at Lotus North Jersey


Financing the Evora GT Made Simple

Along with our great inventory, our financing team can provide great flexibility. Our professionals will help you develop a personalized plan that works for all parties involved. With our handy online tools, you can conveniently apply for financing online. Plus, we will work with anybody and consider your entire situation, not just the number on your credit score. Unlike other dealerships, we make financing exotic vehicles a stress-free experience.

At Lotus North Jersey, we also have special lease offers for new Evora GTs. Keep a lookout for the latest as we add new deals often. It is the easiest way to drive a brand-new Lotus with a simple and convenient financing plan. Enquire today about our lease specials and see if they are right for you. View our inventory for current offers and to see all terms and conditions.


Contact Lotus North Jersey for More Information

For additional information, please contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. There is no better place to learn more about the Lotus Evora GT in New Jersey. It is easy to contact us either online or over the phone by calling our sales line at 908-376-2300. You can also visit our dealership located at 36 River Rd, Summit, NJ during business hours. Come in to see our impressive inventory of Lotus cars and learn more about the exciting Evora GT.

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