Lotus Evora 400

Lotus Evora 400

Unmistakable Presence

Lotus sports cars aim to give drivers one thing above all else. The most pleasurable experience they can find behind the wheel of the vehicle. In the Evora 400, drivers will enjoy everything that makes driving great. From the simple joys to exhilarating thrills, this Lotus has it all. Lightweight and nimble, the new Evora 400 continues the brand’s legacy of making highly regarded sports cars. Find out what makes this the best driving experience from Lotus to date. Available now at Lotus North Jersey. To start, Lotus endeavored to make the Evora 400 weigh as little as possible. The lightweight chassis surpasses the marks of predecessors and competitors. Compared to previous models, the new Evora 400 is 42 kg lighter. This gives the 400 horsepower Evora a power to weight ratio of 286 hp per ton. Furthermore, the lowered chassis assists with aerodynamics, downforce, and makes entry easier.

A Statement of Intent

When designing the chassis, Lotus put to use its over 60 years of racing and sportscar expertise. Low in weight but highly sturdy, it allows the suspension to work more efficiently. As a result, grip, comfort, dynamics, and balance are all improved. In comparison to Evora models of the past, the new 400 creates more than twice as much downforce. As for the design, the Evora 400 combines both aesthetics and purposeful aerodynamics. Features like new cooling intakes, a 5-blade airflow diffuser and three-element tail spoiler maximize performance. It all adds up to achieve supercar status, making the Evora 400 the fastest Lotus model available. Guaranteed to impress and delight on the track or open road.

Supercar Performance

New in this Evora model is the modified 3.5-liter V6 engine that takes performance to the next level. Reaching a top speed of 186 mph and featuring a 4.1 second 0-60 time, the Evora 400 earns supercar status. Overall, the Evora 400 has a max torque of 302 pounds per foot at 3,500 rpm. Along with its enticing specs, drivers will love so much more about this Lotus. Practical features include a combined fuel efficiency of 29 mpg and a comfortable cabin. The experts at Lotus designed the Evora 400 to surpass the expectations of the most passionate drivers. Engineered for lighter weight and more exciting performance, it delivers a uniquely satisfying experience. Drivers agree, the Evora 400 ranks among Lotus’ best work to date. The only way to discover the unique joy of this sportscar is to take it out on the road. Contact Lotus North Jersey today to set up a test drive and learn more.

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